6 – Winners!

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We won the Hunt the Wumpus competition in first place on Wednesday! Sadly, they didn’t give a trophy, or even just a ribbon, so we’ll be making our own to print off on a 3D Printer. We also made some neat T-Shirts with the logo!

We have a demo build made, but it isn’t quite ready to share. There’s still a few bugs left to fix that we knew of before, and we also found a few new ones during testing afterwards, but we’ll have the demo done by¬†next week.

For now, have this Work-In-Progress huge tree that I’m working on. It’s all important ‘n stuff.

We should also have a picture of the new trophy after it’s made soon.

We’re taking a bit of a break (excluding some bugfixes) after Wumpus, considering every one of us worked somewhere around 20-30 hours each in a span of two days before Wumpus. Development should be starting up again in full swing in a day or two. We also have a new Discord server that fans can hop in to and talk about the game and stuff!


That’ll be all for now, but get ready for next week when the build comes out! You can also get the current (decently buggy) build on the Discord Server.


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