5 – Logo, Music and Wumpus Demo!


“It can’t be a box because we have depression.” -Quote from Development this week.


Psychospin now has it’s logo!

It has already been implemented into the game, and is ready for the first demo build!

Wait, did I just say demo build? You heard me right! We’re taking the game to the Microsoft Hunt The Wumpus Alumni competition. We (somehow) managed to win runner up with our game last year, and this year we’re taking Psychospin to it! We’re optimistic about our chances, considering our game isĀ actually functional this time around. After Wumpus, we’ll be sharing the build with all of you so you can play the whole 10-15 minutes of content we have right now!

In other news, we’re deciding to put up the incomplete album of music up on bandcamp so that we can share it with you throughout the progress of the game. If you buy it now, you will have access to all future songs that are released.


Most of the work over the past two weeks has been touch up work. We’ve been making things look real nice for Wumpus and also replacing all the placeholder enemies with the enemies that are going to be in the final game.

I don’t think you’d want this kind of lighting in your house.

Anyways, We’ll make sure to get back to you in a week with the results of the Wumpus Competition!

For now, I’ll just leave this here.


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