4 – Main Character Sprite and Fanart!

Sorry about the delays. We didn’t really have much done over the past few individual weeks, but now we have enough progress!

First off, the title screen got a huge overhaul. It still needs some texturing, but it actually looks like a title screen for an actual game now!

It’s all pretty and shiny and stuff.

We also got an actual sprite for the main character, instead of that old placeholder sprite!

Look at his scarf. It’s all flappy ‘n stuff.

We also have more of the rooms for the first area done, we have big secret thingy, other big secret things, actual secret thingy, and probably a few other things we’re not supposed to talk about.

Fanart by Zenithesia

We still need to find a method to host music without people just downloading off of here it instead of actually buying the soundtrack when it comes out. We have a few ideas, but the music is still on hold until we figure it out.

In other news, stairs exist. Look at that boy go.

We also got a bunch more of secret stuffs done, but we’re not allowed to show that to you because it’s a secret.

Look at us being all secretive and stuff. It’s like we’re secretly actually game developers and don’t secretly suck at everything or something.

We can give you a hint, though. One of the secrets involves a tree.

Don’t tell anyone, though. It’s a secret.


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