3 – Not-Shiny But Still Rather Intriguing Rocks

A bunch of work was put in on the bossfight for the first area, and it’s functional. Several rooms were also created with some fights in them, because there have been 0 combats actually in the game up until now.

I’m not allowed to post anything about the boss yet, but keep an ear out for it because we might be dropping some screenshots for it.

The sprite for the next puzzle has also been drawn and put into the game, but the puzzle has yet to be programmed.

And thus, the Not-Shiny But Still Rather Intriguing Rock.

Sadly, due to outside commitments all of the team members currently have, progress is slow. We should be able to get back to you soon with a little bit more, as well as probably some new art.

Pictured: Another Not-Shiny But Still Rather Intriguing Rock. (It’s actually just a door.)

Coming up soon is some bigger things in this area, namely the fabled Huge-Ass Tree. (Not to be confused with the Huge Ass-Tree.)

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