1 – Website and Ketchup

Disclaimer: There will be no actual ketchup in this post.

So, we finally got the website up and running. That took a lot longer than it should’ve due to a whole bunch of miscellaneous happenings that you don’t need to know about. I was hoping to have started writing these weekly updates a month ago, but it was not to be. Nevertheless, here we are. The website isĀ still under construction, but it’s slightly less so now.

Now, a lot has happened so far on the project, and I don’t really have the time to write everything out, so I’ll go over the major happenings, hence the “Catch-up” half of the blog post.


It’s also animated, but it seemed a little overkill to get an animated picture of the Debug Sprite standing still.


The Turning-based combat system is not only functioning, but rather fun. A few basic attacks and abilities/spells are implemented, as well as some simple items like potions. You can spin the table at will and use larger, more damaging attacks with abilities.

Equipment is also implemented, but many items are missing, and we only have the equipment for one of the four “classes.”

We have most of the art assets done for the first area in the game, practically all of which you can see in the screenshot above, as well as the song for the area.


This is what combat looks like, so long as you imagine that all of the sprites aren’t placeholders.



I lied, there was ketchup.



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