7 – Breaktime

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So, no printed trophy, sadly. We didn’t get around to making it.

Anyways, breaktime’s over. We took a couple weeks of break after winning Wumpus and now we’re back into development, and as promised, we have the build ready!


That should run on all Windows computers, 32 or 64 bit. A lot of changes still need to be done, and the progression in this build is still very different than what it will be, but we won with it, so it must be at least good enough to show you guys.

Now look at this mystery thing being all mysterious. I’m going to move on and not explain anything about this now.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Obviously, we haven’t got much done to show you guys due to the break, but we should have more next week, assuming I actually remember to make one instead of forgetting two weeks in a row.

6 – Winners!

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We won the Hunt the Wumpus competition in first place on Wednesday! Sadly, they didn’t give a trophy, or even just a ribbon, so we’ll be making our own to print off on a 3D Printer. We also made some neat T-Shirts with the logo!

We have a demo build made, but it isn’t quite ready to share. There’s still a few bugs left to fix that we knew of before, and we also found a few new ones during testing afterwards, but we’ll have the demo done by next week.

For now, have this Work-In-Progress huge tree that I’m working on. It’s all important ‘n stuff.

We should also have a picture of the new trophy after it’s made soon.

We’re taking a bit of a break (excluding some bugfixes) after Wumpus, considering every one of us worked somewhere around 20-30 hours each in a span of two days before Wumpus. Development should be starting up again in full swing in a day or two. We also have a new Discord server that fans can hop in to and talk about the game and stuff!


That’ll be all for now, but get ready for next week when the build comes out! You can also get the current (decently buggy) build on the Discord Server.


5 – Logo, Music and Wumpus Demo!


“It can’t be a box because we have depression.” -Quote from Development this week.


Psychospin now has it’s logo!

It has already been implemented into the game, and is ready for the first demo build!

Wait, did I just say demo build? You heard me right! We’re taking the game to the Microsoft Hunt The Wumpus Alumni competition. We (somehow) managed to win runner up with our game last year, and this year we’re taking Psychospin to it! We’re optimistic about our chances, considering our game is actually functional this time around. After Wumpus, we’ll be sharing the build with all of you so you can play the whole 10-15 minutes of content we have right now!

In other news, we’re deciding to put up the incomplete album of music up on bandcamp so that we can share it with you throughout the progress of the game. If you buy it now, you will have access to all future songs that are released.


Most of the work over the past two weeks has been touch up work. We’ve been making things look real nice for Wumpus and also replacing all the placeholder enemies with the enemies that are going to be in the final game.

I don’t think you’d want this kind of lighting in your house.

Anyways, We’ll make sure to get back to you in a week with the results of the Wumpus Competition!

For now, I’ll just leave this here.


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4 – Main Character Sprite and Fanart!

Sorry about the delays. We didn’t really have much done over the past few individual weeks, but now we have enough progress!

First off, the title screen got a huge overhaul. It still needs some texturing, but it actually looks like a title screen for an actual game now!

It’s all pretty and shiny and stuff.

We also got an actual sprite for the main character, instead of that old placeholder sprite!

Look at his scarf. It’s all flappy ‘n stuff.

We also have more of the rooms for the first area done, we have big secret thingy, other big secret things, actual secret thingy, and probably a few other things we’re not supposed to talk about.

Fanart by Zenithesia

We still need to find a method to host music without people just downloading off of here it instead of actually buying the soundtrack when it comes out. We have a few ideas, but the music is still on hold until we figure it out.

In other news, stairs exist. Look at that boy go.

We also got a bunch more of secret stuffs done, but we’re not allowed to show that to you because it’s a secret.

Look at us being all secretive and stuff. It’s like we’re secretly actually game developers and don’t secretly suck at everything or something.

We can give you a hint, though. One of the secrets involves a tree.

Don’t tell anyone, though. It’s a secret.


3 – Not-Shiny But Still Rather Intriguing Rocks

A bunch of work was put in on the bossfight for the first area, and it’s functional. Several rooms were also created with some fights in them, because there have been 0 combats actually in the game up until now.

I’m not allowed to post anything about the boss yet, but keep an ear out for it because we might be dropping some screenshots for it.

The sprite for the next puzzle has also been drawn and put into the game, but the puzzle has yet to be programmed.

And thus, the Not-Shiny But Still Rather Intriguing Rock.

Sadly, due to outside commitments all of the team members currently have, progress is slow. We should be able to get back to you soon with a little bit more, as well as probably some new art.

Pictured: Another Not-Shiny But Still Rather Intriguing Rock. (It’s actually just a door.)

Coming up soon is some bigger things in this area, namely the fabled Huge-Ass Tree. (Not to be confused with the Huge Ass-Tree.)

2 – Shiny Rocks

We’ve added a few rooms into the game since last week. We’re about 1/3rd of the way done with the rooms for the first area, and the boss fight for the first area has been getting progress too.

The song for the first area is done as well.

You can see one of the puzzles in the corner of the screen.

You can also now save the game, as well! Truly, making great innovations here on the Psychospin Team.

Some work has also been going in on a non-debug title screen.

An early screencap of the new title screen.

We’ve also gotten a bit of work done on the combat theme, though given that this is the 3rd revision of it and the composer is still unhappy with it, it’ll probably still be a while.

1 – Website and Ketchup

Disclaimer: There will be no actual ketchup in this post.

So, we finally got the website up and running. That took a lot longer than it should’ve due to a whole bunch of miscellaneous happenings that you don’t need to know about. I was hoping to have started writing these weekly updates a month ago, but it was not to be. Nevertheless, here we are. The website is still under construction, but it’s slightly less so now.

Now, a lot has happened so far on the project, and I don’t really have the time to write everything out, so I’ll go over the major happenings, hence the “Catch-up” half of the blog post.


It’s also animated, but it seemed a little overkill to get an animated picture of the Debug Sprite standing still.


The Turning-based combat system is not only functioning, but rather fun. A few basic attacks and abilities/spells are implemented, as well as some simple items like potions. You can spin the table at will and use larger, more damaging attacks with abilities.

Equipment is also implemented, but many items are missing, and we only have the equipment for one of the four “classes.”

We have most of the art assets done for the first area in the game, practically all of which you can see in the screenshot above, as well as the song for the area.


This is what combat looks like, so long as you imagine that all of the sprites aren’t placeholders.



I lied, there was ketchup.



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